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Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

a. List at least 5 Social media tools used by business professionals and describe what the tolls do and how professionals are using these tools.

  1.  Facebook: Facebook inc. has dominated most social network communication which have been in existence for centuries with its innovative state-of-art apps. Businesses, both commercial and retail are conveying news and advertisements today which are broadcasted by primetime news anchors.
  2.  Google: Google’s search tools allow users to efficiently search through vast amounts of wed-based information, organizing and delivering results based on relevance. It also has a long and growing list of products in many other areas of computer applications. Consumer usage of its products is free, finanaced through advertising and licensing sales.
  3.  LinkedIn: LinkedIn is an online professional network. Members of the network can use the platform for free to create and manage their professional identity, engage with other professionals, and access relevant business information. LinkedIn allows professionals to communicate with one another and ultimately find new careers and business opportunities.
  4.  YouTube: YouTube is and opportunity to market people’s business to millions. Lots of companies are now using web videos to reach our to current and potential customers. They are building more personal relationships with their client base and reaping the benefits of this creative indirect marketing strategy. This platform is perfect for small businesses. There are no big budgets required just a video camera with a little creativity.
  5.  Twitter: Twitter has produced a special guide for businesses to help people. In the social media, Twitter falls into the category of micro blogging tools because of the short. Twitter shares some features with the most common social media tools.

b. Describe “social networking” using social media tools. How do professionals use social networking tools for self-promotion/self-marketing? Mention the idea of creating a personal, professional brand image. Are there other ways social media is being used by businesses? Are job recruiters using social media tools to find potential job candidates?

Professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners usually use and release social networking training guide with their social networking sites. All of Techniques included information with guide which is about self-promotion or self-marketing. For self-promotion, they usually use Marketing Methods as website, Video, Social Media and Volunteer at a Networking event. Especially, Volunteer at a Networking Event is pretty effective. If people volunteer to help greet others at every moment, They will unconsciously meet everyone. people would get an unexpected result. For self-marketing, people should create and practice their profile in both oral and written form, which is a concise introduction that best describes about themselves. For creating a personal brand image, people have to check their tools. Specifically, Wordle is a great visual tool. If people use this tool, they are able to communicate others with attractive brand in particular vision and brand story. Also, Wordle is a greatly interactive wordle-type manifesto. People can see that phrase is clickable and takes to more information, images, and videos. In business, Social media is being used by document memories, learn about and explore business things, advertise business marketing and brand form friendships. Most recruiters find candidates via social media because it is easy for recruiter to look through all of candidates’ information. Therefore, the recruiters can decide to choose candidates clearly and safely.

C. Include 2 working URL links

D. YouTube video